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Many folks on my YouTube channel ask me how they can support my channel since YouTube advertising money is vanishing. I would like to share a few ways that are really easy.


The First Way to Help:

Please use this link BEFORE shopping on Amazon. You are going to shop on Amazon anyway, so just enter through this link and Amazon sends me a little cut for sending you. It costs you nothing and does not change what you pay in any way. Please remember to be sure to click the link below before you shop on Amazon. Also Amazon will not share me in the sale if you close your browser and come back later, or after 24 hours. So if you want to browse and buy it later, please enter through this link again. 


Amazon United States –

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Amazon UK –


The Second Way to Help:

Many folks asked just to make a simple donation button so it would be easy and fast. 

The button below is for a one-time donation:

The button below lets you choose a monthly donation: